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Education: Young women and young man mounting solar panels, Liberia, ©Don Bosco Jugendhilfe Weltweit/Jiji Kalavanal


Engaged and Inclusive Communities: Woman in front of the local council, Ethiopia, ©Helvetas/Christian Bobst


Regenerative Agriculture: Woman in the field, Columbia, ©Swissaid/Luis A. Guzmán


Inclusive Market: Post-harvest process of the Choba Choba cocoa beans, Peru, ©Choba Choba


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Syntropische Landwirtschaft, Portugal ©Quinta das Abelhas/Marc Leiber


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Holding Hands, Guatemala, ©SERES/Ben Rosenzwieg


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Education: „Learning Together to Transform the World. Students of the learning center at Kakuma refugee camp, Kenia, © Jesuit Worldwide Learning


Engaged and Inclusive Communities: Conversations among Social Change Makers during their education on kanthari Campus in Kerala, India, © kanthari


Regenerative Agriculture:  Watershed Management by smallholder farmers in Ethiopia ©Biovision / Peter Lüthi


Inklusive Market: Women farmers talking to inspectors as part of the organic and FairWild certification of plant-based baobab products. © David Brazier & B'Ayoba Zimbabwe - Partner of elea



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Coffeebeans on the scale, Peru, ©Choba Choba


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Restaurant of "Hanchey Bamboo Retreat", Social Enterprise of BSDA, Kampong Cham/Kambodscha. © EcoSolidar